Here lie the dead babies, honorable mentions, and other dicey one-offs.


BattleBots Season 8.

Human insight: Watching robots fight is fun. Robot insight: not so fun.

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Promotional Email Blast

This Valentine’s Day love is cheap.

Second Battery

Runner-up Young Shits Nov 2018.

A battery icon on your phone which illustrates your sleep levels in real time.

His Body.Our Decision.

In response to GA’s HB 481, a near total abortion ban, we’re giving Brian Kemp a taste of his own medicine. A Change.org petition to have him neutered, founded by Georgians for a Neutered Kemp.

CSL Plasma Donation

Not everyone qualifies to donate plasma, but those who do are literally made of money.

The Vatican Tourism

Backpackers scour Europe leaving a trail of debauchery, but as long as they end it at God’s house, all is forgiven.

ADT Home Security

ADT is so effective, the sign alone prevents more crimes than the system itself.  And people who spend their entire lives building up a home are protective of it. 

Deep down, it’s a primal instinct. An almost animal one…